According to recommendations from the American Dental Association, patients should generally visit the dentist at least twice per year. However, some patients may require check-ups more or less often depending on their individual risk factors. A look at the factors involved may help clarify how often you should visit our office.

Professional cleanings keep teeth looking good by removing plaque and mild stains. If you regularly use tobacco products or consume food or beverages rich in pigments, you may benefit from more frequent cleanings. During check-ups, our dentists can also determine whether teeth whitening treatments would be beneficial.

Prevention of tooth decay and gum disease are two major benefits of regular dental care. If you have a history of these dental problems or increased risk based on family history or illness, more frequent check-ups are likely to benefit you.

A host of systemic problems, including diabetes and cancer, can manifest in the mouth. Because Dr. Connie Feng at Twin Leaf Dentistry can potentially spot these problems during check-ups, patients at higher risk of these problems may receive recommendations for more frequent visits. Early detection of any problems can pave the way to timely treatment, potentially improving prognosis.

A check-up schedule tailored to unique goals and requirements can preserve appearance and oral health in the future. When problems are diagnosed early, patients may also need less extensive treatment and may save money as a result. To learn more about how often you should visit our office, you can schedule a consultation with our Holly Springs dentist, Dr. Connie Feng.